Happy Children´s Day 60 Beautifull Messages for Children´s Day

¡Happy Childrens Day! +60 Beautifull Message for Childrens Day

Happy Childrens Day 60 Beautifull Messages for Children´s Day

Happy Children’s Day, may all children be loved and happy, may always the love of parents and the care of the whole family make childhood an unforgettable and bright period in life!


Children are joys, they are smiles for no reason, this is a wonderful state of mind that they give, this is the love they share, sincere, honest, well, with all their hearts. Let’s take care of those bright and shiny eyes! Happy Children’s Day!

Being a child is magical and childhood is the most magical moment in anyone’s life. Every child deserves to see a world full of magic and splendor, to feel loved and protected. After all, children are the future of our planet. And the best way to make children good is to make them happy. Happy Children’s Day!

Happy Children’s Day! I wish all children to be warm with attention, love and care. To often sound the sonorous and sincere children’s laugh. Take care of children, protect, store, love and pamper!

Today is a holiday for the dearest, the most mischievous and fun: our children. May you never get sick, may each day bring you new knowledge and discoveries, may your childhood worry-free time last as long as possible, and may you be the happiest!

Children are tiny particles of great happiness, a miracle that fills every adult’s life with genuine joy and warmth. Children need so much love and care, the affection of parents, and they want the heart of each child not to be deprived of this little happiness. On Children’s Day, I wish that all children have a strong family and everything necessary for a carefree childhood. Let the smiles of children illuminate our planet, and each of the little inhabitants of our earth will be healthy and happy.

Happy Children’s Day! Let not only on this holiday, but also on any other, every child will be surrounded by love and care! May all your wishes come true, may your parents always be your support. Go through life with a smile, our dear children!

Children, we congratulate you on the Children’s Day! You are our joy, pride, our inspiration. All the best is combined in you. We wish you great happiness and inexhaustible positive. Develop, be interested in everything new and interesting. You can always count on us. You are in our hearts and souls. Grow and gain strength. Happiness to you!

Happy holiday, guys! Smile, have fun, make new discoveries, be inquisitive and inquisitive. Let the sun shine above you brighter, and you do not stop believing in miracles. We wish you to be always surrounded by the love and care of your parents, and, of course, to have true friends nearby. Let your life be like a good fairy tale!

Happy Children’s Day, wonderful child! I wish you the happiest, kind, cheerful, bright, interesting, joyful, sunny, tasty, warm, incredible and fantastic childhood! May every day be with cool ideas and dreams.

Happy Children’s Day and wish you a bright, colorful, funny, interesting, joyful, amazing, wonderful, happy childhood filled with juicy fruits, delicious sweets, kind people, real miracles, fantastic adventures.

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Happy Children’s Day! I wish you to plunge into the holiday of happiness, smiles and sincere childish joy. May your families be strong, united, reliable and loving. Let children’s laughter sound, hopes are born and dreams come true! Take care of yourself, because the family is the main thing!

I congratulate you on the International Children’s Day! May on this first day of summer the little representatives of humanity from all over the planet feel the care and indifference of adults, who are called to give every child a happy and carefree childhood. On this bright, sunny day, I wish you a cloudless sky, kindness and warmth. Protect children from illness, misfortune and injustice, because they are our future.

Children are our everything, this is our future. I wish that every day in life was lived in a childish way: joyfully, serenely. As well as warmth, light and good mood, good health and loyal friends.

Children are the most important joy in our life! Their sincerity and love of life gives us happiness and hope in this difficult life! I wish every child today to be happy, protected, fed and have a roof over their heads!

On the first summer and sunny day, I want to congratulate all the kids on a wonderful childhood holiday, Children’s Day! I want to wish not to know what domestic violence, resentment, anger, pain, bitterness and disappointment are, but to enjoy life, be childishly naive, directly, loved life and bathed in the care, tenderness and affection of parents!

Happy Children’s Day, dear child. I wish every day to be bright and wonderful, fun and interesting, exciting and unique. Be a healthy and cheerful child, grow up as a kind and happy little person.

Congratulations on a wonderful holiday, which is based on the protection of the most precious and beautiful thing we have – our children. May your child’s childhood years be happy and serene, may he grow up in an atmosphere of love and care. Take care of your childhood!

I congratulate you on Children’s Day and wish that the sun always shines, that my mother always hugs, so that there is always happiness in life. May every new day of good childhood bring many adventures, dreams and real miracles!

Happy Children’s Day! I wish you a sunny childhood and a colorful world outside the window, I wish you sweet days and a happy time with a delicious ice cream, your favorite chocolate and a cockerel on a stick. May there always be a wonderful mood, a desire to learn, to get to know this world and confidently walk towards your dreams!

We sincerely congratulate all the children of the world on the day of protection. Let the rainbow of unforgettable events follow them at all stages of life. Strongest health, success in all your endeavors, excellent grades, pleasant surprises, successful adventures. Let all the good things happen regularly, and the unpleasant ones go away.

On this day, I want to say that the most precious thing in the life of any person is children. After all, it is they who become our direct continuation. They need to be loved, protected and appreciated that we have them.

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The most sincere, sunniest people on our planet are a precious generation of children! Let the unconditional ability to dream with age did not disappear, no one was sick and was warmed by the love of parents!

On Children’s Day, I wish you all children’s joy, spontaneity, vivid emotions and sensations. Let life be like an enchanting holiday! We wish children to feel protected, loved and desired!

Let this happiest day of the year be cloudless, bright, joyful and filled with childish, sonorous laughter. May all the children of the planet feel happy and serene today. Let the childhood of every child always be bright, real, prosperous and protected from troubles, illnesses and sorrows. Happy Children’s Day!

On the wonderful holiday, Children’s Day, I congratulate all the children of the planet and wish, of course, good health, peace of mind, self-confidence, and a colorful, cheerful, carefree childhood!

Happy Children’s Day! Let all the children of our country feel safe, healthy and happy! May their childhood be joyful and fun. Let them have many friends, games, events and fun adventures!

Happy Children’s Day! Let the children always be happy and laugh out loud with joy. May the life of every child be precious and his health become the property of the nation. So that children never know grief and fear.


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Let childhood be without worries and boring activities, let the sea of ​​sweets cheer you up, let the cheerful swing lift you to the very heavens, let bright dreams and fantasies certainly become a part of your life, let your ringing laughter fill the hearts of loved ones with happiness. Happy Children’s Day, honey!

Today is entirely dedicated to the little citizens of our vast Motherland! They, like no one else, need our protection and support! On this day, I would like to wish that no child suffers from infringement of his rights and freedoms, that everyone has the opportunity to receive education and medical care, be happy and do not know adult problems, and adults, in turn, help children to fulfill their dreams and made their childhood really happy!

Happy Children’s Day. I wish your life to be full of bright emotions and funny songs, joyful walks and trips to the circus, interesting cartoons and educational films, good books and good friends, exciting ideas and beautiful drawings, delicious cakes and juicy fruits, happy holidays and great adventures.

Children are our future, our meaning of life and our happiness. Let them learn about wars and enmity only from books, and never see these troubles in reality. May the sun always shine brightly for children, life gives pleasant gifts, and at night millions of beautiful stars will shine in the clear sky.

Happy Children’s Day, dear child. I wish you every day to smile, have fun, learn something new and interesting about this world, listen to your favorite music, watch good films, dream about the most important thing, walk through the expanses of happiness, be friends with good guys, get along with parents, surprise everyone around their talents and just enjoy life.

Happy Children’s Day to all the little angels who light up the lives of their parents! We hope that as you get older, you will not lose your kindness, your smile, your sense of humor, peace of mind, that you will grow up and develop into kind, intelligent and wonderful people. Happy Holidays!

Happy holiday and wish your families eternal happiness. May the children always be happy and their dreams come true. Give each other only positive feelings and live in mutual understanding.

Children have always been and are the most vulnerable and unprotected category of citizens. In the modern world, I especially want to protect childhood from everything that destructs: from indifference and cruelty, from unnecessary information and early growing up, from wars and serious illnesses. Today, on Children’s Day, let’s remember this “right to childhood”. Only we, adults, can make childhood bright and carefree. Let every child feel protected, needed, loved and infinitely happy!

Happy Children’s Day, with the right to life, with sincerity and kindness! I wish you comprehensive and extinguishing love in the hearts of adults, reason and responsibility for actions and decisions in the interests of the most vulnerable little creatures. And to the children a happy childhood, faith in miracles, unforgettable impressions, health, and a bright future. May smiles today bring warmth, touching, tenderness, show the beauty of the world. Happy Holidays!

I congratulate you on Children’s Day and wish you a truly happy and carefree childhood, strong love of parents and fun games with friends, a peaceful sky and a beautiful dream. I wish that a sincere kind smile always shines on your face, so that every day gives you a fantastic adventure and great luck.

Happy Children’s Day and wish you a blue sky and a colorful rainbow, fun ventures and wonderful friends, a happy childhood and magical wonders, vivid hobbies and interesting adventures, good joy and excellent mood.

Happy Children’s Day! I wish well-being to every family. Happy sincere children’s eyes. Health and prosperity, warmth and cordiality, full attention, care and understanding. Take care of the kids, because they are our continuation!

I congratulate you on Children’s Day and sincerely wish you every day to laugh and enjoy life, catch sun bunnies in the morning, do something interesting and exciting all day, in the evenings gather your family around a large table or in a circle of fun games. Let this world give a lot of impressions and opportunities to show your talent for a wonderful child.

Congratulations on a wonderful holiday that calls to protect the most valuable thing that any person has – our children. May their childhood be happy and not darkened by adversity, may the fate of our children become a constant reason for our parental pride.

Guys, happy holiday! Be cheerful, strong, kind, welcoming new wonderful days with gratitude. May the coming years be peaceful, bright, so that you do not recognize human evil and see war!

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No crises, bad moods, or boring lessons. May people and events be pleasant. Always look at the wonderful sides of life, create a holiday wherever you are. Make decisions easily, be unique personalities.

I wish all the children great happiness and the strongest health. May you never have to defend them. So that only love surrounds a strong, friendly, loving and big family. Congratulations!

Happy Children’s Day! I wish that your children, regardless of age, feel protection and support in their parents, are not afraid of failure and be happy!

Happy Childrens day, Children´s Day messages, children´s day quotes, children´s day quotes, happy children

Happy Children’s Day! Let the life of every child be colorful, and the emotions bright and unforgettable. May every day in childhood be ideal to dream, imagine, have fun and create, and happy children’s smiles fill the boring everyday life of adults with joy and peace.

On Children’s Day, my soul longs for all these bright and clean eyes never to know bitter tears, betrayal and deception. Let our ears hear only children’s laughter, perky and cheerful, uplifting. Congratulations!

Happy Children’s Day! Children are our most valuable asset! I wish that there was always an opportunity to create a happy childhood for them, full of health, joy, love and knowledge!

On Children’s Day, I want to give the younger generation all the best that we have in our country. May there be a peaceful sky overhead and wonderful opportunities to get a good education. Children should be happy!

Happy Children’s Day. I wish you a colorful and kind world around. May there always be joy in life and a lot of interesting things. I wish both adults and children to always remain on the same wave of fun, curiosity and daydreaming. And let our children smile, let every day pamper and surprise them!

Happy Children’s Day! I wish you a clear and peaceful sky above your head, more children’s laughter and good mood, and also love, appreciate, respect and protect your children. Let them fill your life with only pleasant moments, and all the pranks and stupidity will be insignificant.

I wish you to dream more often and have fun. I wish you never to be sad and not to doubt yourself. I wish you a strawberry mood and exciting stories. I wish you faithful friends and exciting travels. Let there be a bright summer ahead with balloons, delicious sweets, great joys. Happy Children’s Day.

Children’s Day. I wish you harmless children’s pranks, fun games and ventures. I wish you a lot of pleasure in life, great luck on the way to your cherished dream. Be a talented and cheerful child, conquer the peaks of the world and give others smiles of kindness!

Happy Children’s Day. I wish you, honey, soft clouds of dreams, like cotton candy, colorful ideas, like candy-dragee. Let everything be in chocolate, let your childhood be happy, ringing, cheerful and carefree.

I congratulate you on Children’s Day and I want to wish you, sweetheart, to always shine with happiness, to be an obedient child, who is loved, pampered and surprised every day. Let not a minute be bored, let every moment of childhood be bright, cheerful and joyful.

Happy Children’s Day. I wish that the sun always shines for you, that you always have a magical mood. And may there be a holiday of miracles, kindness and happiness on your childhood island every day.

Happy Children’s Day. I wish you to remain a bright sun, warming your parents, your home and the whole world around you with love, joy and childlike spontaneity. May every day be as kind, sweet, delicious and pampered as this one.

Happy International Children’s Day. Dear children, I wish you never know war and misfortune. Let everything in your house be peaceful, stable and comfortable. We wish your childhood to last as long as possible, spoil you with sweets, balloons, soap bubbles and good emotions.

Happy Children’s Day. I wish you, the sun, to shine your smile brighter than anyone else, dream and enjoy life, see a miracle every day and do without sadness, hold happiness in your children’s hands and cherish love in your heart – love for family, friends and the whole world!

Happy Children’s Day. I wish you delicious ice cream, yes, so that the throat does not hurt, I wish you fun ventures so that you do not have to be bored for a minute, I wish you bright colors of childhood, so that every day you can draw beautiful pictures of happiness, joy and miracle.

Happy Children’s Day, honey. I wish you to be a cheerful child and live in a wonderful world of your dreams, achievements, joys, victories. May every day be wonderful, may parents love and pamper, may all your desires come true and fill you with happiness.

I congratulate you on Children’s Day and I want to wish you, sunshine, to spend every day in bright colors, in happy smiles, on travel and great adventures. Let there always be a delicious cake for tea, for any idea – a holiday, for any business – a loyal friend!

A long-awaited holiday that inspires. Let children’s laughter flutter in your families, let luck sparkle from all over the world, and let your hearts be filled with the most amazing emotions. Smiles, laughter are great. Let the children always succeed, come true and come true.


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We hope that these messages become a reality for each and every child in the world, that they will always be loved, respected and protected and that the whole year is Children’s Day.

Share these messages with all the children you know from 0 to 99 years old.


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